Conscious Consumer

What does it mean to be a conscious consumer?

We all need food, fibre and shelter. If you are in a position to be able to make a conscious choice about what you eat, wear and use for infrastructure, then you can play an important role in the creation of primary production that is healthy, sustainable and equitable for all involved in the supply chain.

RegenWA are keen to empower Western Australian consumers to connect with local producers who are sustainably producing food, fibre and shelter by incorporating regenerative practices and are community champions.

A big part of this is taking the time to understand how farmers use innovative ways to overcome challenges and navigate changing market demands to produce these products for us.

We all have different circumstances and values, so we are just providing a simplified guide to get you started so you can make your own conscious choices.

1. Understand the principles of regenerative agriculture.

2. Get to know your farmer – talk to them at the markets about their practices, what challenges they face and how they overcome them. Read our farmer case studies and watch some farmer videos below.

3. Gain insights into how to consciously consume. Sustainable Table and Open Food Network are great places to start.

4. Read more about how to be a conscious consumer.


Where to buy regen produce

The benefits of products that are grown or produced locally and sustainably has had growing awareness. The attraction to local produce lies in the desire to be involved in the community, increased freshness, and in fewer transportation miles.

The ultimate place to start is at your local farmers markets.

There are also some amazing community groups on social media where you can connect with local growers directly, so we highly recommend exploring that avenue.

These are just some of the great people producing and supplying regenerative and sustainable products in WA to get you started – please get in touch if you know of more organisations so we can share their story. Email us at [email protected].

Get to know your farmer

Now more than ever, people are excited about food – they want to know the story behind their food and the hard-working families that produce it.

RegenWA want to help reconnect people to agriculture.

We support local and regional food systems by providing a platform for Western Australian farmers to share their stories and allowing consumers to appreciate the complexities that a farmer has to navigate to produce the food, fibre, and shelter humanity requires for survival.

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