What’s the Biggest Issue Challenging Food Security? It isn’t climate change.

25th March 2019

In 2012, when I finished my honours thesis, I felt incredibly dispirited. The challenge I had set myself was too large, insurmountable.

My thesis, I had hoped, would contribute to creating a sustainable food system that would not only feed the future but bring a lot of other benefits through ecosystem services and social capital.

What I discovered was that we’re much further from this than we realise; it’s achingly close, almost within our grasp, yet still beyond reach. It’s not that we need new technology, more research or innovative farming technolgies. Nor is an all-plant or all-meat diet the answer. We don’t need GM crops, more farmland, food pills, lab-grown meats, nor harsher chemicals. We have everything in front of us, the knowledge, the resources and the labour to farm in a way that will secure our food future, mitigate climate change, build communities and contribute to culture.

What we don’t have is a reason for change. We don’t have a why.

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