In response with the May 2018 Office of the Auditor General (OAG) audit into the Management of Salinity, DPIRD conducted a stakeholder workshop late last year with a Consultive Review report which is now open for consultation.

22nd May 2019

The workshop late last year was to “review the state and federal government salinity policies and programmes and their effectiveness in addressing salinity”. At the time we argued for our farmers and landholders to be included in the review however, due to the format of the review process, they were represented by the broader stakeholder group including Regional NRMs, WA Farmers, RegenWA and more.

End of March 2019 the Consultative Review report was released for public comment and we strongly urge all our members to read the report and provide your feedback using the DPRID website. It is vitally important for those impacted at the frontline of dryland salinity have their concerns raised, listened to and carefully considered. Should you wish to channel your feedback via us, please email [email protected], in the subject line write Salinity Review Feedback, and we will collate and present as a whole prior to the closing date of May 27th 2019. Please use the following link to access the report on DPIRD’s website.

For Review visit: