South West Catchments Council’s Pollinator Program

SWCC’s Pollinator Program The SWCC‘s most recent Production and Pollination workshop with Wadandi/Pibulmun cultural custodian Iszaac Webb at Barrabup Pool Nannup explored the importance of pollination, bush management and the role of fire in maximising pollination, and its flow on effects. Other workshops at Woodanilling in April discussed how revegetating degraded native vegetation with beneficial […]

Regenerative Agriculture and the Soil Sponge

Why communities should invest in Regenerative Agriculture and the Soil Sponge.  2nd April 2019 It is rare to find a single leverage point to effect change and create multiple benefits to the world around us. The “soil sponge,” lowly as it sounds, might just be that perfect leverage point for effective community investment, because it is […]