Stephen & Kerry Frost- Stonemeal Farm

Stephan is a qualified Forester and farmer 45km north of Albany. His work has gained acknowledgment at the 2017 Western Australia Landcare Awards, with the awards of an Australian Excellence in Sustainable Farm Practices.

Since taking up farming with his wife Kerry, Stephen has implemented the belief that the soil is as much of a living organism as any other aspect of his property. He now shares his beliefs to teach farmers how to implement regenerative techniques to holistically farm their land.

Instead of focusing on specific ‘issues’ that were being advertised as the forefront of farmland degradation, Stephan got specialist help in all areas of science, from geology of the rock to soil chemistry. This formed a holistic approach, where the health of the rhizosphere (culmination of the living plants, root systems and its interactions with the minerals, soil fungi, bacteria, algae and other micro-organisms) was of key concern, and when the rhizosphere flourished, the whole farm flourished. He no longer has to focus on singular ‘issues’ such as pH, as once the natural balance is restores, the issues fix themselves.

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