Soils for Life ‘Cropping Case Study’ – Expression of Interest

For more than a decade, Soils for Life has been producing case studies of farmers’ inspiring stories of transition to regenerating their soils and landscapes. It is the largest body of regenerative farming case studies in Australia and has been used by farmers, researchers and policy makers around the country to inspire and inform new ideas and approaches in agriculture.

Soils for Life is about to launch its next round of case studies, which will focus on a range of cropping enterprises. They are seeking interested in individual land managers or groups of farmers who are working and learning together to regenerate landscapes in a variety of geographic locations and operational scales.

If this is of interest to you or someone you know, we’d like to hear from you. Fill in or share the ‘Expression of Interest’ form, found here. You will also find more information about the case study program and process. The EOI closes on 16th June 2022

About Soils for Life

Soils for Life (SFL) is a not-for-profit charity dedicated to supporting Australian farmers and rural communities in regenerating soils and landscapes. We have four key objectives:

  • Respect farmers as land stewards and support them to bring their soils back to life
  • Build farmer networks, peer support and learning opportunities
  • Help farmers, scientists and decision makers find common ground on the benefits of regenerating soils and landscapes
  • Ensure the opportunities and challenges of regenerative agriculture are widely understood

About Soils for Life case studies

Each Soils for Life case study is an interwoven story supported by evidence of how land management innovators are achieving resilient, productive outcomes through regenerative landscape management practices. Our case studies are holistic, documenting ecological, social and economic factors and change. The case study program promotes understanding on the part of land managers, policy makers, researchers and consumers, of the underlying issues and benefits of landscape regeneration. We have a strong focus on peer-to-peer support in order to enable improvements in landscape and water management practices across Australia.