Soils for Life are running a free 18-month Soil Health Challenge for farmers around Australia! The challenge will provide you with a simple system to monitor the health of your soils which will allow you to measure the success of your management choices.

In partnership with Soil Land Food, Soils for Life will provide farmers with guidance to complete five easy, low cost, on farm tests and you can then share your results in a private group to learn from other farmers and gain insight into the health of your soils.

The challenge involves assessing your soil health during a specific fortnight three times over an 18 month period (every 6 months), using five simple assessments. The 5 assessments include photopoint, groundcover, infiltration, aggregate stability and soil fauna.

You will be invited to join a private group on facebook where you will have the opportunity to share your results and learn from other farmers completing the challenge.

For more details on the Soil health challenge and to sign up, go to this link on the Soils for Life website: Soil Health Challenge – Soils For Life