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Nic Kentish
Defining Regenerative Agriculture
Nicole Masters
Implementing RA Practices to Improve Soil Health
Nic Kentish
How to Transition and Where to Start
Nick Kelly
Operating a Regen Farm
Kent Broad
Carbon 101
Nic Kentish
Taking the Leap
Tom Mitchell
 Applying Regen Ag Principles to Market Gardens
Regenerative Agriculture Conference 

Investing in our Food Future

September 2019

The inaugural Regenerative Agriculture Conference, presented by Perth NRM and RegenWA, was an outstanding success. This sold out event delivered a conference that galvanised support for both sustainable food systems and regional rehabilitation.

The event was opened by the Hon. Alannah MacTiernan MLC, Minister for Food and Agriculture, and Regional Development. Her commitment to progressing changes that ensure the health and productivity of our food-producing land was very well received by a diverse audience of farmers, community groups, experts and decision makers from government and the investment sector.

More than 270 people attended and listened to world-renowned speakers including Charles Massy, Walter Jehne and Terry McCosker. Guest speaker Sue Ogilvy presented on the value of measuring the performance of regenerative agriculture through natural capital accounting, integrating standards developed by the United Nations to advance leading-edge land management. See the conference presentations below, slides included.

The speaker’s themes created a journey throughout the day, from the current productivity constraints facing agriculture, to the importance of why we need to look at our agricultural systems and practices to enable landscapes and systems to self-organise back to health. There were examples of how this is being done, both locally and in other areas of Australia.

The day ended with an interactive workshop looking at the challenges and opportunities for investment for those in the room into regenerative agriculture.

RegenWA has received overwhelmingly positive feedback on the day and the presenters, delivering a conference which was filled with passion, enthusiasm and calls to action. The diverse audience included farmers, government, community groups and investors, combining in their support for ensuring food production systems in WA are delivering healthy, safe and nutritious food while restoring the landscapes and environments that have been degraded over the decades.

Hon. Alannah MacTiernan
Opening Statements
Charles Massy
What is Regenerative Agriculture and why do we need it?
Terry McCosker
Change management through training
Sue Ogilvy
Sustainability Trends in Agriculture
Dianne Haggerty & Stuart McAlpine
Leading Farming Innovators in the WA Landscape
Peter Hazell
Successful Catchment Scale Landscape Rehydration and Regeneration
Petra Tschakert
Farmers’ Adaptation to a Changing Reality
Regenerative Agriculture. An ecological approach to farming that allows landscapes to renew themselves (Massy, 2018).