Food Production in Context – A Regenerative Approach
By Stuart McAlpine
Call of the Reed Warbler. A new Agriculture, A New Earth
By Charles Massy
Challenges and Successes with Transitioning to Sustainable Food System Practices, a WA Context
By Ros Sambell et al.
Carbon Mooooves
By Christine Page
NESP-EP: Farm Profitability & Biodiversity
By Sue Ogilvy et al.
Perennial forage shrubs providing profitable and sustainable grazing
By Future Farm Industries CRC as part of the Enrich Project
Perennial forage shrubs – from principles to practice for Australian farms
A companion publication to Perennial forage shrubs providing profitable and sustainable grazing
Indigenous crops: Improving soil health & ground cover
By Perth NRM/ RegenWA
Anthropogenis drivers of soil microbial communities and impacts on soil biological functions in agroecosystems
T. Yang, N. Lupwayi, S.-A. Marc et al.
Regenerative Agriculture. An ecological approach to farming that allows landscapes to renew themselves (Massy, 2018).