A Leap of Faith: Regenerative Agriculture as a Contested Worldview Rather Than as a Practice Change Issue
By Camille Page and Bradd Witt
Food Production in Context – A Regenerative Approach
By Stuart McAlpine
Call of the Reed Warbler. A new Agriculture, A New Earth
By Charles Massy
Challenges and Successes with Transitioning to Sustainable Food System Practices, a WA Context
By Ros Sambell et al.
Carbon Mooooves
By Christine Page
Perennial forage shrubs providing profitable and sustainable grazing
By Future Farm Industries CRC as part of the Enrich Project
Perennial forage shrubs – from principles to practice for Australian farms
A companion publication to Perennial forage shrubs providing profitable and sustainable grazing
Indigenous crops: Improving soil health & ground cover
By Perth NRM/ RegenWA
NESP-EP: Farm Profitability & Biodiversity
By Sue Ogilvy et al.
Food Sustainability Index 2021
By Economist Impact
Regenerative Agriculture Landscape Analysis
By Textile Exchange
Australia’s Environment Report 2021

Australian National University

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Regenerative Strategies – Carey Downs, Upper Gascoyne

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What can science offer the proponents of regenerative agriculture practices?

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A review of the economics of regenerative agriculture in Western Australia

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and Mechanisms Used to Improve Soil Health

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Regenerative Agriculture. An ecological approach to farming that allows landscapes to renew themselves (Massy, 2018).