Shaping the Future of Natural Capital Accounting

Sue Ogilvy is a researcher and practitioner of natural capital accounting who is passionate about supporting farmers to balance productivity, profitability and sustainability.

Her research has focused on whether financial accounting concepts and standards can be applied, adapted and extended to enable farmers to include ecosystems (natural capital) as part of their asset base. She has published in environmental accounting and food security literature as well as in general literature exploring the opportunity to support sustainability-conscious markets to establish a virtuous cycle of causally linked improvements in environmental and economic performance of livestock producers. Her vision is of development of an open natural capital accounting standard that forms a foundation for environmental-economic improvements in agriculture and investment in natural capital. She hopes to enable extensive practice of natural capital accounting and development of markets for services and tools for data collection, compilation, analysis, and communication to reduce the cost of natural capital accounting.

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TITLE: Shaping the Future of Natural Capital Accounting
DATE: 17 December 2020