Innovations in Agriculture – Blythe Calnan, Runnymede Farm, Harvey

A three-part series, these short films share innovative stories from the landholders adopting regenerative principles to their farming practices.

Part 2: Runnymede

Blythe Calnan and her partner Gregg Hooper run their beef and pastured-egg business ‘Runnymede Farm’ on their 80ha property, located west of Harvey.

Their goal is to improve farm resilience in a changing climate by focusing on improving diversity in pastures and soil, creating effective water and mineral cycling systems, and rotational grazing their livestock.

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This case study was produced as part of the Landcare Farming Innovations in Agriculture Series. Supported by the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program, the Landcare Farming Innovations in Agriculture Series is managed in partnership by Landcare Australia and the National Landcare Network.

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MEDIA TYPE: Case Study, Video
INDUSTRY: Small Landholder, Agroforestry, Dairy, Grazing, Horticulture, Pasture

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TITLE: Innovations in Agriculture: Perth NRM - Runnymede
PUBLISHER: Landcare Australia
DATE: 29 August 2023