Estimating soil carbon and GHG’s

This video demonstrates how to use the free desktop calculator, “LOOC-C”. The calculator uses digital soils to estimate soil organic carbon stocks (current amount) and sequestration (potential improvement) for any region in Australia.

LOOC-C also allows users to estimate potential greenhouse gas emissions mitigation caused by enrolling in the Australian Government’s Emissions Reduction Fund, or ERF.

LOOC-C estimates Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs), which are measured in tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents per hectare per year (t CO2-e/ha/year).

ERF “methods” (or carbon farming markets) covered include estimating or measuring abatement with improved soil carbon, planting trees (afforestation, environmental plantings, mallee plantings, reforestation), avoided deforestation, improved savanna burning, beef cattle herd management, feeding nitrates to beef cattle, human-induced regeneration and more.

LOOC-C includes other information on potential co-benefits to be derived from the carbon farming methods shown, including improved pasture or crop yields from increased soil organic carbon, improved soil health, shelter and shade for livestock from planting trees, improved biodiversity, water quality and reduced salinity, and others.

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TITLE: Estimating soil carbon and GHG's
PUBLISHER: Matthew Harrison
DATE: 22 August 2022