Top 10 food trends for 2020, according to Whole Foods

As the new year approaches, Amazon’s Whole Foods reveals its predictions for the top food trends of 2020.  Trends for 2019 included a rise in vegan meats and eco-conscious packaging; regenerative agriculture tops the list for 2020 which includes West African food, new flours, and plant-based meat products.

Whole Foods defines regenerative agriculture as the “farming and grazing practices that restore degraded soil, improve biodiversity and increase carbon capture to create long-lasting environmental benefits.” This approach to farming, includes things like composting and crop rotation, according to organic farming non-profit Rodale Institute.

Companies like Stonyfield and Danone North America have already invested money and resources in developing and researching the impact of regenerative agriculture, according to Fast Company. And in March of 2019, General Mills announced it was dedicating resources to training, education and advancing regenerative agriculture.

“We recognize that our biggest opportunity to drive positive impact for the planet we all share lies within our own supply chain,” said Jeff Harmening, Chairman, and CEO of General Mills.

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