Accelerating Regenerative Agriculture Adoption

Farming enterprises are underpinned by natural capital (water, soil, biodiversity, carbon) which generate ecosystem services for food production and other societal benefits.

The problem(s) stem from the draw-down of our finite stock of natural capital through food and fibre production or lost through erosion or nutrient runoff.

This project will implement a program of works designed to accelerate farmer adoption of evidence-based regenerative practices that protect or enhance farm natural capital by providing practical on-ground support, access to mentors, training packages, improved awareness via events and learning from local demonstrations.



The Regenerative Agriculture demonstrations are designed to provide experience and build farmer confidence to take first steps into changing management practices on farm.

Design oversight, monitoring and reporting will be supported by Perth NRM or your favorite local grower group.

The demonstrations include a co-investment from participants (cash/in-kind). Total amount you can request is $5,000 ex gst.

If you wish to be involved, simply fill in the Expression of Interest form to start the process by June the 28th, 2024. Demonstrations supported by this grant will be based on merit. EOI’s will be assessed by the Perth NRM staff.

Perth NRM will provide technical support to ensure the demonstration is feasible, repeatable, can be expanded at scale, and will contribute to protecting or restoring natural capital.

The demonstrations will include extension activities that include hosting field walks, case studies and social media updates (to be negotiated with the participating farmer). The cost of these activities will be covered by Perth NRM and not come from the $5,000.

Please refer to the guidelines below for full details and eligibility. If you would like to express your interest in establishing a demonstration. Please complete the Demonstrations EOI Form and email to

Regenerative Agriculture Demo Guidelines

Regenerative Agriculture Demo EOI Form

**The EOI form is able to be filled out online – to be able to access the online fillable function, download the form, open the download on your browser and select ‘open file’**


Project details

INDUSTRY: Small Landholder
START DATE: 1 January 2024

Project contact

David Broadhurst
Senior Manager - Sustainable Agriculture
Perth NRM