Regenerative Agriculture in Practice Project (RAPP) 2024

This project seeks to build knowledge, skills and capacity through a AAA engagement framework of building Awareness, providing Advice, & encouraging Adoption of regenerative agriculture practices. The 2024 program will leverage experiences & learnings gained from the last 4 years of RAPP program delivery and other regenerative agriculture project works in the Lower Blackwood Catchment.

RAPP 2024 places a strong focus on:

  • the continued engagement and support of previous project participants (alumni);
  • the importance of including participant ‘partners’ or other members of the enterprise team in the learning journey; and
  • the importance of ongoing monitoring, recording & sharing of progress (success & failure for continued learning & benchmarking).

This focus we believe is critical to achievement of Lower Blackwood LCDC’s overall goal of building a strong and effective Regenerative Agriculture Community of Practice in the Lower Blackwood Catchment.

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INDUSTRY: Small Landholder, Commercial Landholder
CONTENT TYPE: Participate