Mulloon Landscape Rehydration Bootcamp – Carrolup

What do you get when the Mulloon Institute brings buckets, ping pong balls, pipe cleaners, laser levels….as well as a wealth of knowledge captured in an organised course? A brilliant 2 day bootcamp for harnessing the water cycle to improve landscape functions in a saline context! 💦💧🌱

RegenWA partnered with Mulloon for this 2 day skills-based bootcamp in Carrolup.

The crew learnt how to apply simple strategies to improve productivity and drought resilience. Also importantly for WA, how to manage and repair salinity.

Huge thanks to the Kowald family for hosting, and to Lance Mudgway and Erin Healy for their expertise!

This bootcamp is part of Mulloon’s Communities of Practice Project, which provides participants with continuous support with a Mentoring Program.
This is a heavily subsidised grant-funded program is worth $5,000 per person!

To learn more about Landscape Rehydration in Western Australia, visit the Landscape Rehydration Hub on our ‘getting Started’ page here:

The Communities of Practice Project received funding from the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund. Mulloon Institute’s Learning Programs have been developed with the assistance of the NSW Government’s Environmental Trust.



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