Media Release: Regenerative Agriculture Accelerator Project Demonstrations Launch

12 June 2024


“Calling Western Australian Farmers: Join Perth NRM’s Accelerating Regenerative Agriculture Adoption Project”
June 12, 2024

Perth NRM and RegenWA Ltd. are excited to announce the launch of their latest project, “Accelerating Regenerative Agriculture Adoption,” made possible with funding support from the WA State NRM Program.

This project aims to address the draw-down of natural capital in farming enterprises by promoting evidence-based regenerative practices that protect or enhance farm natural capital. Perth NRM was awarded $368,203.00 to deliver outcomes through their flagship sustainable agriculture grower group, RegenWA Ltd. from 2024-2026, including access to mentors, training courses, and improved awareness through events and local demonstrations.

Farming enterprises rely on natural capital, including water, soil, biodiversity, and carbon, to generate ecosystem services for food production and societal benefits. However, the draw-down of this finite stock of natural capital through food and fiber production or lost through erosion and nutrient runoff
presents significant challenges. The Accelerating Regenerative Agriculture Adoption Project aims to combat these issues by providing practical on-ground support, access to mentors, training packages, and improved awareness through events and local demonstrations.

The demonstrations aim to de-risk the adoption of innovative farming practices. These demonstrations will provide opportunities for farmers to trial new methods designed to enhance climate resilience and sustainability on their land.
In addition to the demonstrations, the mentorship program will connect farmers implementing regenerative principles with those seeking guidance and support. This program aims to foster knowledge-sharing and collaboration within the farming community, empowering participants to navigate the transition to regenerative agriculture with confidence. According to David Broadhurst, Sustainable Agriculture Senior Manager at Perth NRM: “The ‘Accelerating Regenerative Agriculture Adoption’ project represents a significant step towards building climate resilience and sustainability within Western Australia’s agricultural sector. With support from the WA State NRM Program, we are committed to empowering farmers with the tools and knowledge needed to protect and enhance natural capital.”

Perth NRM invites Western Australian farmers to express their interest in hosting a demonstration or before the June 28, 2024 deadline. Expressions of interest for the mentorship program are coming soon. This project will equip participants with the knowledge, resources, and support needed to thrive in an era of climate uncertainty.

Perth NRM is a leading non-profit organization dedicated to supporting sustainable land management and environmental conservation in Western Australia. For more information about the “Accelerating Regenerative Agriculture Adoption” project and how to apply, visit or contact the
team at or on (08) 9374 3333.