Collective Impact Workshop #2 – “The Rubber Hits the Road”

Restoring natural capital through a collective impact approach

The second of four planned workshops under Perth NRM’s Collective Impact project occurred on Wednesday 6th March at The Hub, Bentley Technology Park. Twenty-seven invitees attended from diverse stakeholder groups such as Farmers / farming communities & groups, Government agencies, NRM / Landcare groups, Traditional Custodians (First Peoples) and landscape research and training groups.

The purpose of the Restoration Impact Framework is to restore natural capital in our farming landscapes. Through a collective impact approach, the project aims to:

  • Enable a more cohesive, strategic, and investable approach to supporting West Australian farmers and land managers restore natural capital.
  • Identify key indicators for change and ensure there is consistency in monitoring and evaluation of activities. Monitoring and evaluation data will be aggregated and utilised to demonstrate change (Impact).
  • Establish and present a business case for government and philanthropic entities to invest into restoring natural capital.

Workshop #1 in December 2023 was entitled Generate Ideas & Dialogue. In that workshop attendees covered –

  • Getting to know one another.
  • Discussing the farming landscape context and issues to create mutual understanding.
  • Understanding the Collective Impact approach.
  • Discussing a shared vision for change
  • Confirming commitment for “on-going” collective action.

Workshop #2 Initiate Action translated the ideas from workshop #1 into a Theory of Change format.

  • A Theory of Change was initiated and shared outcomes were discussed.
  • Outcomes for various stakeholder groups were drafted.
  • The concept of an investment pitch was presented.

Watch this clip for some insights on workshop #2


The collective impact workshops are part of the more extensive Restoration Impact Framework project funded by Lotterywest and Commonland with collective impact workshops delivered by Impact Seed and coordinated by Perth NRM.



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