Thai hard line on glyphosate

Australian farmers that dessicate with glyphosate pre-harvest have been essentially locked out of the Thai market after a shock zero-residue tolerance on imported feed and food products. The Thai government announced it would ban the import, trade, use, and possession of three agri-chemicals from December 1, and eliminate maximum residue limits after a push from its National Hazardous Substances Committee.

As well as glyphosate, the ruling includes two other crop protection products, Syngenta’s herbicide paraquat, and Dow Chemical’s insecticide chlorpyrifos.

The announcement comes just seven months after Vietnam, Australia’s fourth-largest grain market, announced it would ban glyphosate and the use of glyphosate-based products next year. However, Vietnam has not yet changed the rules around the import of glyphosate or grain treated with it.

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