Getting a return for forest management

With the task of carbon neutrality at the forefront of farm management plans, two south-west cattle producers are leading the way in farming carbon neutral through their forest management. The value of forests are typically determined by their economic return from wood, however when clearing is restricted, the forests often degrade without appropriate management.

Richard and Robyn Walker have spent the last 10 years planning and carrying out a management regime in their 300-hectare regrowth forest, that is paying both economic and environmental dividends. The walker’s say that they saw immediate benefits from thinning the forest, from tree growth to species reintroduction, allowing for more profitable timber in the next 15 years. Without proper management, timber was being out competed by surrounding tree growth and were unable to grow to their full ability.

For more information, visit the SWCC’s article of Richard and Robyn Walker’s regenerative farm management;