RCS Farming and Grazing for Profit Bunbury

Farming & GrazingforProfit® takes a comprehensive view, encompassing all factors influencing your enterprise's success. From climate variability to market fluctuations, we equip you to make informed decisions that embrace the entirety of your business environment.

Nine outcomes you can expect from Farming & GrazingforProfit®.

  1. Financial acumen: Increase profitability, stay in control, and make informed decisions by focusing on the 3 secrets of profit, financial analysis, understanding key financial reports, optimising cash-flow, and eliminating inefficiencies.
  2. Maximised grazing: Utilise the data-driven tools of time-controlled grazing, matching stocking rates to carrying capacity, feed budgeting, calculating graze and rest periods, and using grazing charts as a powerful management tool.
  3. Livestock performance: Explore effective strategies to enhance reproductive health, including genetics, fertility optimisation, and planning around key dates, as well as enhancing ruminant nutrition and supplementation programs.
  4. Cropping opportunities: Delve into farming practices that restore soil health, reduce reliance on inputs, increase production while lowering risk, and develop flexibility between cropping and grazing depending on seasons and prices.
  5. Ecological health: Create thriving landscapes by working with nature’s ecological systems, understanding plant succession, introducing biodiversity, encouraging biological activity, enhancing soil structure, and increasing carbon levels.
  6. Drought resilience: Develop strategies to prepare for, manage through, and recover from drought, as well as embracing management practices that improve ground cover and water retention rates.
  7. Focused mindset: Chart a clear path for your business and personal aspirations, setting both short and long-term goals, and clarifying your overall vision to help drive business forward.
  8. Strategic insights: Master the balance of working ON vs. IN the business, conduct effective management meetings, navigate family succession, tackle resistance to change, and ensure everyone is on the same page.
  9. Elevated potential: Build personal and professional skills, including time management, communication and decision-making, all while growing your networks and joining a passionate and dedicated community.

Event Details

DATE: 31/07/2024
FROM: 1:45pm
TO: 6:00pm
LOCATION: Bunbury Entertainment Centre, 2 Blair Street, Bunbury, WA 6230, Australia
CONTENT TYPE: In Person, Participate
INDUSTRY: Grazing, Livestock, Pasture

Organiser details

PHONE: 1800 356 004

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