Plan your Farm Landscape | 4 Day In-Person Course

FarmscapeLower Blackwood Catchment LCDC are delivering a 4-day course in May with David Hardwick from Soil Land Food.

The course will provide you with the opportunity to learn how to design and plan a healthy, resilient and productive rural landscape for your farm business.

You will learn:

  • how to “see” your landscape using landscape thinking
  • about Landscape Patches: the pieces of your farm’s landscape jigsaw
  • the water and nutrient cycles in rural landscapes
  • how energy flows and biodiversity functions in rural landscapes
  • climate, landforms & soil types on your property
  • about the landscape and agricultural elements of rural planning
  • the different approaches to property planning
  • the 10 steps to effective property planning

You will also:

  • use maps for property planning
  • set goals for your farm’s rural landscape & enterprises
  • assess your farm’s rural landscape
  • identify & prioritise issues
  • brainstorm strategies for improvement
  • develop a Farm Plan for a sustainable future

Event Details

DATE: 16/05/2024
FROM: 9:00am
TO: 4:00pm
LOCATION: Alexandra Bridge Hall, 1252 Brockman Hwy, Courtenay 6288
CONTENT TYPE: In Person, Participate
INDUSTRY: All Industries

Organiser details

ORGANISATION: Lower Blackwood Catchment LCDC

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