Pastured Poultry Information Webinar – Avian Influenza

Pastured Poultry Information Webinar - Avian Influenza hosted by Blythe Calnan and featuring Dr Kim Nairn and Bernard Egan.

With plenty of discussion, interest and concern regarding AI outbreak in Victoria this webinar has been organised to connect pastured poultry producers with information regarding the current outbreak, the nature of the virus and the likelihood and consequences of an outbreak in WA. The goal of this webinar is to create networks, develop pathways to information that builds confidence in making decisions and enable professional management to protect and maintain pastured poultry flocks.

The session will include a 1 hour presentation from Dr Kim Nairn from Portec Veterinary services, Western Australia’s leading veterinary Avian specialist and a long time supporter of pastured poultry enterprises, followed by 45 minutes of questions. We encourage questions to be submitted prior to the webinar so that we can ensure they are covered and still leave room for questions that arise from the presentation - please send your questions to Blythe at blythe.calnan@gmail.com

Bernard Egan from CEPA will present on the best way to stay up to date with information regarding the outbreak and developing situation.

The discussion from this webinar will help determine what further support the pastured egg industry needs during this time and to prepare us better for future challenges.


For more information or to submit any questions, please contact Blythe Calnan at blythe.calnan@gmail.com

Event Details

DATE: 26/06/2024
FROM: 6:00pm
TO: 7:00pm
INDUSTRY: All Industries, Poultry

Organiser details

CONTACT: Blythe Calnan
EMAIL: blythe.calnan@gmail.com
ORGANISATION: Runnymede Farm

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