This webinar will discuss the findings from a recent paper published giving an extensive review of grazing management in Australia titled ‘Grazing Managment for soil carbon in Australia: a review’.

An extensive Australian review of published research has found that grazing management is unlikely to be a silver bullet for increasing soil organic carbon, and that the other benefits of improved grazing management (such as increased ground cover and improved productivity) may outweigh potential soil carbon gains. However, results were very much site-specific, with some cases showing large gains in soil carbon, while others showed large losses. This research is part of Meat & Livestock Australia’s Carbon Storage Partnership, which seeks to explore and develop pathways to carbon neutral red meat production by 2030 (CN30).

During this webinar, hear from several lead authors on the paper discussing the outcomes of the review.

The paper can be accessed for free here: Grazing management for soil carbon in Australia: A review – ScienceDirect

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Date: 7th December 2023

Time: 10am AWST

Location: Zoom

Cost: FREE (registrations essential)