The Fundamentals of Agricultural Soils

Lower Blackwood Catchment hosts Dr Christine Jones in a live webinar

Research has shown that plants, animals and soils function at their best when living in symbiotic relationships with a wide diversity of microbes from many different functional groups. For this reason, our orchards, vegetable gardens, crops and pastures are much more productive – and have fewer pests and diseases – when growing in biodiverse soil. The key question is – how do we create environments in which plants have many different kinds of microbes living around their roots – as well as within them and on them?

This webinar is a sequel to our July Talkin After Hours – Restoring Farmland Soils in Our Mediterranean Environment. In this 90 minute webinar ‘The Fundamentals of Agricultural Soils’, guest presenter Dr. Christine Jones, will expand on the information from her earlier webinar and get to the nitty gritty about what agricultural soils in our southwest corner of Western Australia need in order to thrive, hold water and support highly nutritious crops and pastures.

Date:                    17th November 4:30pm to 6:00pm AWST

Location:           Online, link sent out once you register

More Info:        Lower Blackwood Catchment LCDC

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