Tech Tooling Soil and Plant Health Training with Graeme Sait

Improving the health of your soil is essential to increasing your output, but how can you tell if you are making progress? COBWA in association with Agrifutures Australia invite you to a day of instruction into available, portable and affordable soil and plant health technologies.

Internationally respected author, educator, & farmer, Graeme Sait (CEO, Nutri-Tech Solutions www.nutri-tech.com.au), will conduct a workshop & field walk on 14th of Oct at the Jarvis family farm [ Prime Organics].

Participants will view and get familiarity on the use of many handheld soil and plant monitoring technologies including the bacteria to fungi ratio MicroBIOMETER® plus Plant Sap Calcium/ Potassium/ Nitrate/ Conductivity/ Meters and Brix refractometers.

Research shows that microbial biomass (fungi and bacteria) is the leading indicator of soil health. Living soil fixes nutrients, improves plant immunity, stores water more efficiently and builds soil structure. Therefore, a healthy level of soil and plant function increases productivity while reducing inputs.

This day is designed to introduce simple user-friendly technology to help you monitor plant and soil factors that aid your awareness and decision making needs.


About COBWA (Certified Organic and Biodynamic Western Australia):

COBWA is a grower group network whose mission is to grow and advance the certified organic and biodynamic industry in Western Australia. COBWA aims to do this by delivering training and knowledge to encourage ‘systems thinking’ in agriculture, and by advocating on behalf of the industry and the community for the delivery of trusted and safe food production. In addition to the immediate ecological and environmental benefits, this will assist in meeting the net zero emissions target, climate adaptability and risk reduction.

Bridging the biological pathway is a unique opportunity for people with passion to come together and exchange knowledge and understanding around microbes – what they are and how they function, and what tech tools and other insights are available to work with microbes for optimum performance and profit.


Date:                    Friday October 14th 2022, 9:00am – 3:00pm

Location:           Jarvis Family ‘Prime Organics’ Conference Room 206 Goldfields Road Upper Capel, WA 6239

Cost:                     $30 members, $60 non-members

Tickets:               Eventbrite

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