Regenerating Land Through Grazing Livestock

In this 1 day workshop & paddock walk presenter and Holistic Grazing expert Dr Judi Earl will describe the range of approaches to grazing management and the impact of the different strategies on pasture dynamics, growth and production.

Topics covered include:

  • The range of grazing management strategies explained

  • Managing animals in tune with seasonal growth cycles

  • The effect of the number of paddocks on rest and recovery of plants

  • Matching stocking rate to carrying capacity – feed budgeting

  • Methods to measure available feed and pasture growth

  • The importance of residual herbage mass and pasture utilisation

The Paddock Walk component of the day will be a practical session on plant health and soil building in the paddock., and the day will wind up with a question and answer session.


The course is for anyone looking to understand how to use livestock to improve the health and resilience of their farm soils. This workshop is suitable for both experienced and new farmers.


Judi gained a PhD in pasture ecology when she conducted the first studies describing the benefits to pasture composition from planned grazing. She has extensive experience in how grasslands and pastures respond to grazing and fertility management and is a widely respected speaker on these matters.

Establishing the AIMS consultancy in 1998 and a Holistic Management™ educator since 2002,, Judi’s main area of interest is working with land managers to enhance the condition and productivity of their land through improved understanding of ecosystem function and more effective utilisation of available resources.

Judi showcases the capacity of grazing animals to regenerate land on her 454 hectare property, Glen Orton, in NSW.

Date:                    Monday June 13th, 9.00am to 4.00pm

Cost:                   $100 + GST / participant

Location:           Glenarty Road, 70 Glenarty Rd, Karridale, Western Australia 6288

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