RCS is holding a grazing clinic in Dandaragan this August. The 2-and-a-half-day clinic is a practical hands-on workshop aimed at developing your skills as a grass manager which will give you the confidence and practical know-how to implement the practices you learn.

The course covers the principles and practices of grazing management and includes learning how to design and manage a grazing cell and how to use grazing charts as a planning and decision – making tool.

The course will cover:

  • How to assess rest period and calculate graze period
  • How to match stocking rate to carrying capacity
  • How to use grazing charts to plan and make confident decisions
  • The 6 principles of Regenerative Grazing Management
  • Property design, water design and fence planning

Dates: Tuesday 29/08/2023 to Thursday 31/08/2023

Location: Dandaragan Community Resource Centre

Early bird tickets: $1,350 per person (available until 28/07/23)

Standard tickets: $1,650 per person

More details and registrations can be found at the RCS website

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