Grazing Naturally Field Day & Workshop

Presented by Dick Richardson Please note event is subject to change dependent on Covid 19 Travel Restrictions. A Field day and 2-day workshop on grazing methods to improve soil health, water retention, increased biodiversity and animal production. Date:                    4th March – 9th March 2021 Location:    […]

RCS Soil Solutions Workshop

Increase the overall health, productivity and value of your land ​Based on the highly regarded Farming & Grazing for Profit™ School, the RCS Soil Solutions Workshop focuses on understanding the strong link between how biology and nutrient components are managed to improve the health of land and profitability of business. Topics covered: Sequestering carbon in […]

Holistic Management – a Foundation for Regenerative Agriculture

HOLISTIC MANAGEMENT – A FOUNDATION FOR REGENERATIVE AGRICULTURE This course is presented by Brian Wehlburg, Certified Holistic Management Educator with The Savory Institute and Holistic Management International. It covers Allan Savory’s core thinking for managing holistically. It is an eight day course (four two-day sessions, four weeks apart). Topics covered: Understanding the holistic nature of […]

RCS Grazing Clinic

Understand grass growth; Refresh the basics; Manage your time and system better ​​The RCS Grazing Clinic is a practical hands-on workshop that develops your skills as a grass manager. This power-packed two and a half day clinic will have you walking away with the confidence and practical know how to go home and begin implementing. […]

Landscape Rehydration Workshop @ Muresk

Start Working with Nature for Landscape Regeneration Join Stuart and Peter Andrews from Tarwyn Park Training for a hands-on workshop on redesigning your farm for maximum productivity and enhanced landscape function, while also minimising costs. Tarwyn Park Training is named after the iconic Hunter Valley property where landscape pioneer, Peter Andrews, first developed the principles of […]

Natural Sequence Farming Workshop @ Wooleen

Start Working with Nature for Landscape Regeneration Join Stuart and Peter Andrews from Tarwyn Park Training for a hands-on workshop on redesigning your farm for maximum productivity and enhanced landscape function, while also minimising costs. Tarwyn Park Training is named after the iconic Hunter Valley property where landscape pioneer, Peter Andrews, first developed the principles of […]

Holistic Management Course – Albany

The teachings of Allan Savory presented by Brian Wehlburg from Inside Outside Management The Albany Holistic Management course is planned to start in August 2021, numbers and COVID-19 dependent.  This 8-day course is structured as 4 two-day sessions, 4 to 6 weeks apart allowing participants to take the information home from each session and see how […]

The Fundamentals of Agricultural Soils

The Fundamentals of Agricultural Soils Lower Blackwood Catchment hosts Dr Christine Jones in a live webinar Research has shown that plants, animals and soils function at their best when living in symbiotic relationships with a wide diversity of microbes from many different functional groups. For this reason, our orchards, vegetable gardens, crops and pastures are […]

World Soil Day Digging into Soil Biodiversity

We are very excited to be hosting World Soil Day 2020 at Muresk Institute. World Soil Day (WSD) is held annually on December 5 as a means to focus attention on the importance of healthy soil and to advocate for the sustainable management of soil resources. REGISTRATIONS are now OPEN! This years theme is ‘Keep soil […]

Kiss the Ground Screening

Kiss the Ground is a new documentary on Netflix about how soil carbon sequestration can be a powerful tool for humans to deal with climate change at a global level. “Narrated by actor Woody Harrelson, the film offers a timely overview of how regenerating crop and ranchlands is one of the best ways to clean […]

Demystifying Carbon Webinar

Rangelands NRM Demystifying Carbon Webinar Learn about four carbon methodologies to uncover carbon farming opportunities. Focusing on Herd Methodology, Human Induced Regeneration, Savanna Burning and Soil Carbon, this webinar will be a fast paced 60 minutes outlining various methodologies from a practical perspective. Speakers include: Stephen Kellie, Clean Energy Regulator Ben Lodge, Land Regeneration Group […]

Spring Field Day

Saline Bush Food Project Creating a paddock to plate food supply chain to restore degraded land. An innovative industry development project at Badgebup, eastern Katanning, will open it’s gates to the public for the first time this October, for the Saline Bush Foods Spring Field Day. Starting almost by accident five years ago, project host […]

Wheatbelt Integrity Group Field Day

WIG Regenerative Farming Field Day 2020 An annual event which involves a field walk of the the Kelly’s Farm, Hollands Track Farm. Despite the challenges of 2020, in true Covid style, Dr Maarten Stapper, BAgSc AgEng PhD FAIAST, will appear via teleconference for the event and discuss his research into farming systems and how to […]

Soil Workshop

Soil Microbiology – Healthy Soils – Carbon Farming Learn how soil microbes play an integral role in sequestering carbon, producing healthy plants and animals and regenerating the environment. Learn how healthy soil can offer sustainable, diversified income opportunities. Bring a soil sample along and watch your own soil livestock in action. Date:        […]

NutriSoil WORMinar with Nicole Master on Vermiculture

Dig deep into the biological communications, applications and benefits of the ‘elixir of life’ Worm Poop! The WORMinar will talk about examples around the world of producers using worm products as seed dressings, slurries and extracts and why it is that we see such extraordinary plant, animal and soil responses to such small applications. Date:  […]

Restoring Farmland Soils in our Mediterranean Environment

  A webinar with internationally renowned and highly respected ground cover and soils specialist, Dr. Christine Jones. Research & farming case studies have demonstrated that flourishing communities of beneficial soil microbes are ‘key’ to soil health & plant production. Also revealed is that having the right microbes present in the soil & in the right […]

Implementing RA Practices to Improve Soil Health – Nicole Masters

  A webinar with agroecologist Nicole Masters about the importance of soil health and strategies to regenerate your farming system. Join us in this 90 minute session to learn more about the functions of soil, its health and practical measures to step right out into the paddock and implement. Nicole has recently released her book […]

Farmer Field Day with Tom Mitchell in Wanerie

We are hosting a RegenWA Farmer field walk at Tom Mitchell’s property in West Gingin to see firsthand the system implemented in his market garden and citrus orchard. He terms it as an 8 year degree of continuous learning in soil biology. We will hear from Tom about how he and his wife Emma run […]

Farmer Field Day with Stuart McAlpine in Buntine

A RegenWA Farmer field walk with Stuart McAlpine at his Buntine property to see firsthand the system which he has implemented on his farm. Throughout the year, McAlpine grows a range of crops including perennial pasture crops, multi-species cover crops as well as canola, wheat and lupins. This event will include what has worked and […]

Carbon 101 with Kent Broad

Carbon is definitely not new but with so much talk about carbon credits, measuring sequestering carbon and carbon schemes, we thought who better to talk with but our own Steering Committee member, Kent Broad. Kent joins us over lunch on Thursday the 25th of June for our fifth RegenWA webinar to give us an insight […]

Nick Kelly – Operating a Regen Farm

Nick Kelly joins us for our fourth RegenWA webinar to give us an insight into how he manages to farm his land in a way which is regenerating its natural resources while remaining commercially competitive. Nick Kelly of Holland Track Farm is a leader in demonstrating regenerative agriculture on his Newdegate farm. He and his […]

How to Transition – Taking the Leap – Nic Kentish

Transitioning to more regenerative practices is daunting and takes time. Where do we even start? Join us over lunch on Thursday the 9th of July for our third RegenWA webinar with guest speaker Nic Kentish where we will continue the conversation about how to transition and some of those first steps. Read his article The […]

How to Transition – Where to Start – Nic Kentish

Know that you want to change some of your practices to become more regenerative and improve soil health, but don’t know where to start? Join us over lunch on Thursday the 4th of June for the second RegenWA webinar with guest speaker Nic Kentish where we will discuss taking those first steps at transitioning on-farm […]

Defining Regenerative Agriculture – Nic Kentish

  Wanting to learn more about what Regenerative Agriculture is? Nic Kentish, of RCS is joining us on Thursday May 7th over lunch to discuss where it comes from and why. Regenerative Agriculture is guided by principles, underwritten by the re-introduction of biology creating a regenerative balance between diverse species which can all live in […]

Getting a lot out of your plot

Are you a land manager looking for the latest information on sustainable property management? Hear from sustainability advocate, Chris Ferreira, in this ‘Heavenly Hectares’ webinar workshop organised by NACC. The webinar aims to motivate and inspire you with tailored advice for your property, you will learn about creating productive properties that improve water-use efficiency and […]

Conservation Agriculture in 2030 Webinar

Conservation agriculture has transformed Australian farming, delivering productivity increases alongside environmental improvements. Anticipating emerging risks and potential impacts to this system is vital if conservation agriculture is to continue delivering transformative outcomes. What might conservation agriculutre look like in 2030? A partnership between the Australian Farm Institute (AFI) and the Sydney Institute of Agriculture (SIA). […]

For the Love of Soil: Webinar Q&A with Nicole Masters

Nicole Masters has recently released her first book ‘For the Love of Soil: strategies to regenerate our food production systems’ and now you can chat and meet her live from your own lounge room. Rangelands NRM and NACC invite you to a live webinar with soil expert and author Nicole Masters as she holds a […]