In this hands-on 1/2 day workshop presented by Mark Tupman from Productive Ecology, you will learn the theory behind fermentation based bioferments and biofertilisers. We’ll also practice making a number of simple products including EM, biofertilisers and a bioferment. We’ll explore:

  • Biofertilisers: how and why they work

  • The range of biological fertility inputs

  • Basic biofertiliser technologies: ferments and worm products

  • How to make biofertilisers, bioferments and biostimulants

  • Using biological products

At the end of the day you’ll get to take home practical tips and open source recipes for making and using biological products on your farm. This is an essential course for anyone who wants to get serious about making and/or using cost effective inputs on their farm.

About Mark Tupman: For over two decades Mark has been active in the fields of organic/biodynamic production, permaculture, sustainability, agro-ecology and holistic management and in between times managed an orchard, animals and food gardens on his own property. Following his initial study he went on to work in a range of community, commercial and research projects throughout Western Australia.

In 2002 he was employed by the VET sector where he had the opportunity to set up and teach horticulture (organic production) courses at several regional campuses but with a growing calling, in 2015 he formed Productive Ecology, a consultation and education business that specialises in the establishment of integrated living production systems.

In addition to his consulting work, Mark works as the horticulture project manager at the Witchcliffe Ecovillage development.


Date:                   Friday August 20th , 1.00pm to 5.00pm

Cost:                    $50 + GST / participant. Afternoon tea provided.

Location:          Big Valley Farm & Campsite – 46 Boronia Rd, Rosa Glen WA 6285

More Info:        Click here for more info or contact Kate Tarrant on 0409203056 or at [email protected]

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