NutriSoil Special Event – Tapping into Natural Intelligence

Host Farmers:

Di and Ian Haggerty own, lease and share farm 23,305 hectares in the Western Australian Central Wheatbelt, operating merino wool and cropping enterprises, they are trailblazers of natural intelligence farming. In his book ‘Call of the Reed Warbler’, Charles Massy quotes the Haggertys as being the ‘most radical and open-minded thinkers in the world of agriculture. They are not just healing but also transforming the earth because they are working with and not against Mother Nature’

Di and Ian open up not only their property, but their hearts and minds as they share their agricultural journey, which has seen their management practices transform landscapes, increase biodiversity to improve soil health, soil carbon and water infiltration. As a result the Haggerty’s farm with very little inputs, their Merino wool is sought by European catwalks, they haven’t used a drench or mulesed in 21 years and their stock graze on a combination of palatable naturally occurring native grass cover crops.

Native cover crops in the off-season are key to retaining soil moisture and maintaining healthy functioning soil microbes.

Key speaker: Walter Jehne – Founding Director of Regenerate Earth and Internationally recognised soil microbiologist

Walter Jehne’s experience spans; soils, nutrient and gas cycling, mycology, as well as food and water security and hydrological climate cooling. Walter excels at influencing global leaders, linking locally tailored ecological scientific concepts into global strategies and back to regional tactics, effectively shifting paradigms. He has an exceptional capacity to devise solutions and link them to local leaders on the ground – turning challenges into solutions – he has a remarkable talent for charting complex science and economic paths forward in accessible ways.

Facilitator: Anthony James -RegenNarration podcast host

Well-known podcaster and facilitator Anthony James is passionate about sharing stories of a generation that is changing the story, enabling the regeneration of life on this planet.


Date:                    Monday October 24th 2022, 9:30am – 4:00pm

Location:           Mollerin, WA

Cost:                     $60

Tickets:               Humantix

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