The teachings of Allan Savory presented by Brian Wehlburg from Inside Outside Management

The Albany Holistic Management course is planned to start in August 2021, numbers and COVID-19 dependent. 

This 8-day course is structured as 4 two-day sessions, 4 to 6 weeks apart allowing participants to take the information home from each session and see how it fits in with their situations. Each session starts with revision.  You’ll leave with a positive outlook and a bunch of new ideas to help you achieve your goals.

Course Outcomes:

  • Gain a solid understanding of the holistic nature of our environment.
  • Learn how to make decisions that are simultaneously socially, environmentally and financially sound using the Holistic Management Framework.
  • Learn how to utilise animals as a positive tool to improve environmental health.
  • Create a Holistic Context for yourself and your business/family.
  • Create a Holistic Financial plan and a Holistic Grazing plan (if applicable) for your property.
  • Improve your time management and communication skills.

Inside Out Management will provide email and telephone back up and will also initiate a post-course support group mechanism, enabling your group to set up regular meetings to share learning and successes.

We encourage participants in Holistic Management training to attend with partners or managers. This support assists greatly with adoption of change.


Inside Out Management courses are delivered by Holistic Management Educators certified with Holistic Management International and / or The Savory Institute

For more information on Holistic Management please visit  www.insideoutsidemgt.com.au

Albany 2021 Session Dates

Session 1  September 7-8

Session 2  October 5-6

Session 3  November 2-3

Session 4 Dates TBA

Sessions usually run from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm

Cost:                  $2,200 (inc GST) per person includes the 8-days of training, the 500-page text-book, the Holistic Management e-book manual, charts, worksheets and materials, as well as Grazing Planning and Financial Planning software, teas and lunch.

Location:          Albany, WA.

More Info:      Click here for course outline or for more information email Kery Wehlburg at [email protected] or to Brian at [email protected]

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