Holistic Management – A Foundation for Regeneration
Inside Outside Management offers training in Holistic Land Management. They are bringing their flagship course to Western Australia starting this July. The course will be held at the Muresk Institute in Northam.
The Holistic Management: A Foundation for Regeneration course is an 8-day full Holistic Management course structured as 4 x two-day sessions which are held 4 to 8 weeks apart which allows participants the time to implement the new information.

Course outcomes:
– Gain a solid understanding of the holistic nature of our environment.
– Gain a deep understanding of Holistic Financial planning Holistic Grazing planning
– Learn how to utilise animals as a positive tool to improve environmental health.
– Learn how to make decisions that are simultaneously socially, environmentally and financially sound using the Holistic Management Framework.
– Improve your time management and communication skills.
– Create a Holistic Context for yourself and your business/family.

Also included is post-course support:

– Your Educator can assist you – we’re just an email or phone call away.
– We initiate a post support group mechanism, enable your group to set up regular meetings in order to share learning and successes. An active post-course support group assists greatly with the adoption of change.

Session 1: Holistic Management – our environment and the tools to manage our environment
• The evolution, background and key concepts of Holistic Management
• The impact of paradigms on environmental management – rest, trampling, severe grazing and overgrazing
• Ecosystem processes – water cycle, mineral cycle, solar energy flow and biodiversity
• Key insights – holism, brittleness, the predator / prey connection, managing the component of time
• The tools we use to manage our environment / use of livestock to create a positive impact
• Environmental diagnosis – a simple tool to identify the root cause of environmental problems
• Holistic Financial Planning – getting started
• Introduction to Steven Covey’s time management

Session 2: Creating Holistic Context – a triple bottom line vision / the Decision-making Framework
• The Holistic Decision-making Framework to assist us in managing complexity
• Root causes of problems and our inability to manage complex situations
• Dealing with change
• Create a Quality-of-Life Statement
• Create a Holistic Context of Vision for family / business, inclusive of community and environment
• The three pillars of learning – how to create passion
• First things First – Steven Covey’s time management
• Ecological monitoring – set up and implement a monitoring site

Session 3: Holistic Grazing Planning
• Grazing basics – why, when and how /animal nutrition, managing drought, reducing stress, overcoming complexity
• Feed budgeting – measuring the availability of feed
• The principles of grazing – managing for plant recovery, the effect of increasing the number of paddocks
• Introduction to the Holistic Management Grazing Chart, Holistic Grazing Planning

Session 4: Holistic Financial Planning and Holistic Land Planning
• Holistic Financial Planning – the why, how and what
• Livestock production worksheet
• A Holistic Financial plan – planning for profit, creating a Holistic Financial Plan and financial monitoring
• Holistic Land Planning, an introduction to Yeomans Scale of Relative Permanence
• Set up a support network within the group to sustain continued learning

To enrol or see more details about this course, check out the Inside Outside Management website: What’s On | Inside Outside Management (insideoutsidemgt.com.au)