Food for Thought

Dialogue Studio

As an important player in WA’s food system, we invite you to join us in the future of food conversations, in preparation for Food for Thought Festival 2020.

Free event with lunch supplied


Location:             Denmark, Community Resource Centre

Date:                    Wednesday October 30th, 2019

Time:                    9:30AM – 3:30PM

Register:              FFT Denmark Booking

This studio is hosted by Community Food Events, in collaboration with Commonland, Sustain and Centre for Social Impact, UWA.


Regenerative and healthy food systems.

A complex and necessary task.

Seeding a continuous conversation to inform our collective way forward.


Why is this conversation important?

We all know the social, ecological, energy, climate and financial effects of our modern food system are unwearable for future generations. We see the growing momentum in Western Australia to shift to a regenerative food and agricultural system. However to face the complex, systemic character of food, agriculture and nature we need a long-term shared vision that goes beyond the direct interests of all players. This requires an integrative, collaborative approach involving all perspectives of the system. Only then is it possible to release the old, harness untapped potential and a through everyone’s support realise a broad social transition.


What are the dialogue studios?

The studio acts like a campfire for local landscape leaders to share their perspectives of both the challenges and vision for the Great Southern. We aim to bring together actors from across the food and agricultural system for a collective conversation around the future of our ecosystem. These studios will build on collaborations and conversations from the ongoing work of Community Food Events, Commonland, Sustain and Centre for Social Impact, in partnership with local farmers, producers, businesses, organisations and community members of the Great Southern region to provide insights and harness energy to inform the Innovation Studios planned for the Food for Thought Festival in March 2020.


We would love to see you there!

For more information please email [email protected]