Food as Medicine & the Fundamentals of Robust Nutrition Workshop 2019

Date: 27th October, 2019

Location: 47 Marapana Road, City Beach, Perth

Registration page: Food as Medicine Workshop Tickets

Tickets: $150pp for a FULL DAY event


Ticket covers 4 hour talk on the fundaments of robust nutrition and gut health, 3.5 hour talk on Healthy Homes / Health Swaps / Essential Oils and include a comprehensive ‘How To’ booklet plus an organic wholefoods lunch. Make a full day of learning now to increase nourishment and decrease dietary and environmental toxicity to optimise health.

Talks from:

Soulla Chamberlain– Health coach, cooking instructor, founder of Star Anise Organic Wholefood and Broth Bar & Larder.

Marieke Rodenstein– Australia’s pre-eminent holistic dietician, nutritionist, GAPS practitioner, and advocate of organic and regenerative farming practices and traditional food.

“Our collective forte is to combine the wisdom of ancestral diets with the latest developments in nutritional medicine & robust science, to provide you with all the tools and resources you need to reclaim and maintain vibrant health through nutrient-dense traditional wholefood & other lifestyle factors. Small changes, big impact.”