Foliar Nitrogen: Australasia

Online course and resources package on improving nitrogen use efficiency with foliar nitrogen.

Who is this course for?

Farmers seeking to increase efficiency of applied N inputs will benefit the most from this course. The content has high applicability for arable/cash crop farmers as well as intensive pasture-based and crop-livestock integrated systems. This said, there will be content still relevant to any type of producer who has a keen interest in understanding plant health and metabolism of essential nutrients, foliar technologies and integrated nutrient management. Example foliar recipes for horticultural crops, turf/amenity and organically approved options will also be included.

Tickets to Foliar Nitrogen include:

  • Perennial access to the 10 lecture online course (outline below and detailed outline here)
  • Factsheets and articles summarising key take home learnings from the course
  • Case studies of farmers around the world implementing foliar nitrogen strategies
  • Further reading – a compiled reading list of lay articles and academic papers relevant to and referenced in the course
  • A pdf of all powerpoint slides

Course info:

This course will be a mix of pre-recorded and live lectures delivered by independent educator Joel Williams. Live lectures will run on Thursday mornings 08:00-10:00 AEDT (NSW/VIC time) consisting of 2 lectures per week, each lecture running for approximately 40 mins with an accompanying 20 mins of question/discussion time.

  • Lecture 1 – Introduction & Overview (pre-rec and delivered ahead of live lectures)
  • Lecture 2 – Nitrogen Metabolism (live on Feb 2)
  • Lecture 3 – Nitrogen: Friend or Foe? (live on Feb 2)
  • Lecture 4 – Foliar Uptake: Uncovered (live on Feb 9)
  • Lecture 5 – The FACE of Foliars (live on Feb 9)
  • Lecture 6 – Melting, Mixing, Maximising Response (live on Feb 16)
  • Lecture 7 – Crop Specific Insights (live on Feb 16)
  • Lecture 8 – The Foliar Frontier: NUE (live on Feb 23)
  • Lecture 9 – Foliar Nitrogen from the Field (live on Feb 23)
  • Lecture 10 – Beyond Foliar Nitrogen (pre-rec and delivered after the live sessions)


Date:                   Starts February 2nd 2023 and runs for 4 weeks online.

Cost:                  $280

Location:          Online

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