WORKSHOP 1, FOOD AS MEDICINE, will be held on Thursday October 12, 10am-3pm at Coomallo Chalets in the Shire of Badgingarra.

The day will be presented by Kathryn Hubble, living systems practitioner, author and permaculturist, with support from Amanda Rowland (www.soilandhumanhealth.com) , Christine Smith (Regenerative farmer) and host, Renata Wimmler.

Expect great conversations, wonderful food, practical tips on healthy-eating, alchemical kitchen explorations and the latest information on the links between soil and human health as seen through the lens of the microbiome.


Tickets are limited.

$60 per person includes morning tea and lunch.

For registration ring Christine Smith 0432 009 748



A practical demonstration of constructing, preparing and activating a Johnson-Su Bioreactor

Thursday November 2, 10am-3pm

The Mount, 799 Cataby Road, Dandaragan


The Farmer Gardener: Pathways to Regeneration is a series of four workshops supported by the Dandaragan Shire Environmental Grant.


Farmer Gardener workshops