Farm Tech Planning and Biological Tool Kit Demonstration Workshop

Agrifutures Australia is supporting Certified Organic and Biodynamic Western Australia (COBWA) with a Technology Adoption Grant. This support has enabled the purchase of SOIL and PLANT HEALTH equipment that we aim to instruct people on for use and better decision making to improve productivity.

Agrifutures Australia people will be in Donnybrook Tuesday 21st February to meet and present to landholders aspects of technology adoption into farm systems. This is a mini workshop on digitising the farm, benefits of gathering data and its management to assist in your future decision making.

For example soil data management, livestock and paddock recording including remote imaging and monitoring. All things agritech- in play and emerging. This is a great opportunity to chat to those in the know.

As a feature of the day COBWA will also conduct a ‘farmer to farmer’ demonstration workshop on hand held ‘tech’ tools that look at soil and plant health. The MicroBIOMETER will be the main item for demonstration and attendees are welcome to bring a MOIST SOIL SAMPLE for fungi to bacteria ratio analysis. Look up www.microbiometer.com as there is You Tube content and links to the app if you wish to record the results personally. Otherwise others will be available to help do this task.

On the day attendees will also see and get instruction on making your own biological products. Namely demonstration of the Jarvis Family WORM FARM for liquid extracts and making a JOHNSON SUE BIOREACTOR.


Date:                    Tuesday 21st February 2023. Please arrive at 8.30 am for a 9am start. Concludes 4pm.

Location:           ‘Prime Organics’ 206 Goldfields Rd, Upper Capel

Cost:                     FREE and FULLY CATERED. Bookings are essential. Numbers will be capped so please diary note Tuesday 21st February 2023.

Tickets:               Eventbrite

More Info:         For more information contact COBWA here.