Building Biodiversity for Resilient Farming Systems Field Day, Tambellup

Facilitated by the Gillamii Centre and RegenWA.

An opportunity to see biodiversity woven into a productive farming system at Murray Wells, the home of farmer and ecological restoration specialist Wendy Bradshaw.

Topics include:

  • Guided field walk to sites that have benefited from revegetation, perennial and biological cropping systems to restore landscape and ecosystem function, utilise carbon, and improve the water cycle.
  • Q and A with Internationally recognised soil microbiologist Walter Jehne on the link between biodiversity and rainfall
  • Kent Broad: The value of carbon and its co-benefits above and below ground
  • Dr Nicole Chalmer: The role of biodiversity in the farm ecosystem
  • Svetlana Micic: Supporting beneficial invertebrates for farming, reducing pesticide use and increasing invertebrate biodiversity
  • Paul Sanford on maintaining perennial systems maximising soil health benefits

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Date:                    Friday 8th October 2021, 1:00PM -4:30PM

Location:           Murray Wells, 331 Binniup Road, Borderdale WA 6321

Tickets:              Trybooking

More Info:        Wendy Bradshaw at wendy.bradshaw[email protected]