Grains export market contracts in South East Asia

Thai hard line on glyphosate Australian farmers that dessicate with glyphosate pre-harvest have been essentially locked out of the Thai market after a shock zero-residue tolerance on imported feed and food products. The Thai government announced it would ban the import, trade, use, and possession of three agri-chemicals from December 1, and eliminate maximum residue […]

Regenerative Agriculture makes Whole Foods’ top trends for 2020

Top 10 food trends for 2020, according to Whole Foods As the new year approaches, Amazon’s Whole Foods reveals its predictions for the top food trends of 2020.  Trends for 2019 included a rise in vegan meats and eco-conscious packaging; regenerative agriculture tops the list for 2020 which includes West African food, new flours, and […]

How regenerative agriculture has helped create a Waikato food hub

A story from across the sea in New Zealand, farmer Tracey Bayliss founded Gate to Plate Farm Shop to sell Tracy’s own regeneratively farmed beef along with 20 locally regenerative produce suppliers. Her fathers legacy of farm management can only now be described as regenerative practices, as regenerative agriculture become one of the top ten […]

Regenerative Agriculture Principles in High Value Cropping Rotation

Regenerative Agriculture Principles in High Value Cropping Rotation Can a healthy soil reduce the reliance on synthetic inputs? By Robin Tait, 2018 Nuffield Scholar Worldwide, soil is being degraded and lost through misguided farm practices which severely depletes the capacity of the agricultural community to feed the world. Expanding knowledge of the complexity of soil […]

General Mills encourages growers to cut pesticide use

Major food processor wants reduction in pesticide use Over the last five years, General Mills has committed to sourcing its major ingredients, like oats, wheat, and sugar from farmers who follow sustainable practices. Now they are pushing to cut the need for synthetic pesticides. Early 2019 General Mills announced a goal to increase their regenerative […]

Stephen & Kerry Frost- Stonemeal Farm

Stephen & Kerry Frost- Stonemeal Farm Stephan is a qualified Forester and farmer 45km north of Albany. His work has gained acknowledgment at the 2017 Western Australia Landcare Awards, with the awards of an Australian Excellence in Sustainable Farm Practices. Since taking up farming with his wife Kerry, Stephen has implemented the belief that the […]

Getting a return for forest management

Getting a return for forest management With the task of carbon neutrality at the forefront of farm management plans, two south-west cattle producers are leading the way in farming carbon neutral through their forest management. The value of forests are typically determined by their economic return from wood, however when clearing is restricted, the forests […]

Regenerative farming added to school curriculum

Regenerative farming added to school curriculum Kate Spry has developed the first curriculum in Australia to explore regenerative agriculture, implemented in her school in Tamworth; ‘The Soil Story: The Road to Regenerative Agriculture’. After frustration with the current misinformation being taught in how to combat climate change, Kate decided to develop the new curriculum to […]

South West Catchments Council’s Pollinator Program

SWCC’s Pollinator Program The SWCC‘s most recent Production and Pollination workshop with Wadandi/Pibulmun cultural custodian Iszaac Webb at Barrabup Pool Nannup explored the importance of pollination, bush management and the role of fire in maximising pollination, and its flow on effects. Other workshops at Woodanilling in April discussed how revegetating degraded native vegetation with beneficial […]

Supporting the Soil Carbon Sponge

Eco Farming Daily – Supporting the Soil Carbon Sponge  15th May 2019 Walter Jehne, microbiologist, a climate scientist and founder of Healthy Soils Australia, discusses climate and soil health with Tracy Frisch. He is passionate about educating farmers, policymakers, and others about “the soil carbon sponge” and its crucial role in reversing and mitigating climate […]

Land-degradation & Regen Agriculture in WA

Minister Alannah MacTiernan: Land-degradation and Regenerative Agriculture in WA – Future Directions International 6th June 2019 Future Directions International (FDI) recently interviewed The Honourable Alannah MacTiernan MLC, the West Australian Minister for Regional Development, Agriculture and Food. The discussion focussed on land degradation, regenerative agriculture and the importance of enhancing the nutritional value of food […]

WA Salinity Management Consultative Review

In response with the May 2018 Office of the Auditor General (OAG) audit into the Management of Salinity, DPIRD conducted a stakeholder workshop late last year with a Consultive Review report which is now open for consultation. 22nd May 2019 The workshop late last year was to “review the state and federal government salinity policies and […]

Red Tips: The story behind the bananas with the red tips

Red Tips: The story behind the bananas with the red tips – ABC Landline 18th May 2019 North-Queensland banana farmers,  Frank and Dianne Sciacca, have turned back the clock and returned to farming practices from half-a-century ago. “We were still putting out chemical on the soil and on the plant that had a sever impact […]

Farm Profitability & Biodiversity Research

NESP-EP: Farm Profitability & Biodiversity – Graziers with better profitability, biodiversity and wellbeing 2018 We were encouraged by a recent report from the ANU Fenner School of Environment and Society about farm profitability and biodiversity and focuses on a community of practice of regenerative graziers in NSW. We met some of the contributors to this […]

Glyphosate, Roundup now banned in Vietnam

Glyphosate, Roundup now banned in Australia’s fourth-largest grain market of Vietnam – ABC News 12th April 2019 Vietnam, one of Australia’s largest markets for wheat exports, has banned the use of the widely-used herbicide glyphosate. The Vietnam Government’s decision to ban glyphosate means all herbicides containing glyphosate will not be imported into the country, according […]

Major funding boost for model to Rehydrate Australia – The Mulloon Institute

The Mulloon Institute has been awarded $3.8 million over five years by the Federal Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, Hon. David Littleproud, for its project to rehydrate Australia, improve the environment, boost farm productivity and engage the community. 2nd April 2019 The Mulloon Institute has been awarded $3.8 million over five years by the […]

Regenerative Agriculture and the Soil Sponge

Why communities should invest in Regenerative Agriculture and the Soil Sponge.  2nd April 2019 It is rare to find a single leverage point to effect change and create multiple benefits to the world around us. The “soil sponge,” lowly as it sounds, might just be that perfect leverage point for effective community investment, because it is […]

The next wave of sustainable fashion

The next wave of sustainable fashion is all about regenerative farming  27th March 2019 What you need to know about the sustainability buzzword that’s going to be everywhere in a few years. “I want you to act as you would in a crisis. I want you to act as if our house is on fire. […]

12 orgs highlighting the true cost of food

12 orgs highlighting the true cost of food. The price we pay at the grocery store for what we eat does not always reflect the actual cost of producing and consuming that food. This disconnect can make it difficult to create a more sustainable, more just, and more nutritious food system. To truly improve the […]

Regenerative agriculture finds solid backing

Regenerative Agriculture finds solid backing as decades of success show renewal – ABC Rural – ABC News 14th March 2019 Boorowa farmer Charlie Arnott has experienced the immense toll of drought on his cattle, his business and his wellbeing, but he has found a way through it all. Fifteen years ago, reeling from the effects […]

Look after the soil, save the Earth

Look after the soil, save the Earth: farming in Australia’s unrelenting climate – The Guardian 22nd Oct 2018 Former governor general Michael Jeffery says soil health and regenerative farming is essential for security and carbon emissions. From the red soil of his hometown in the Western Australian outback town of Wiluna, Michael Jeffery very nearly […]